Repair and Restoration

Kinsey Lutherie offers any service your bowed or fretted stringed musical instrument might require. Whether basic routine maintenance or major restoration, the attention and diligence given to the repair of your instrument or bow will be full and complete. My work is carried out with a genuine respect for the instrument and the music for which it was created.

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Repair and Restoration
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The rosette carving (shown here in progress) is the sound hole of a replacement top for an 8-course tenor lute.

Examples of more commonly requested work are as follows:

Fretted instruments

Structural repair (loose braces, cracks, etc.)
Cosmetic repair (Finish retouching, french polishing)
Fret dressing and refretting
Neck resetting
Nut and saddle replacement
Bridge repair (regluing, cracks, saddle placement)
Expert set up (pesonalized to suit the individual player's style)

Violin family

Bridge and soundpost replacement
Varnish retouching
Fingerboard planing
Button grafts
Peg hole bushing and peg replacement
Crack repair
Tonal adjustments


Prompt rehairing
Straightening and recambering
Grip and winding replacement
Tip replacement

Prices will vary dependent upon the severity of the problem and the difficulty of the repair required. Please bear in mind that repairs are as individual as the instruments themselves; this is especially true in cases of reversing the unfortunate effects of work poorly done in the past. The cost of your repair will be mutually agreed upon before commencement of work.


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