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Image from an autographed CD given to Scott Kinsey by John Hartford, for whom Kinsey performed services on a variety of instruments while in Nashville, TN.

Endorsements Received Via Email
"I have relied on Scott Kinsey's craftsmanship and skills for many years to keep my guitars in top shape. From major repairs or restoration to basic maintenance, I know that Scott can be depended on to provide the highest quality of workmanship on a wide variety of instruments."
—Mike Taylor

Former John Denver guitarist and songwriter, Rocky Mountain High and other John Denver songs

Dear Scott,
I tried the lute in the Wesleyan chapel, where I will be giving a concert in November. Truly fabulous. If this lute were only suitable for either song accompaniment or solo work or ensemble work, it would have been worth it for any of those discreet functions. However, to my ears, it is ideal for all of those normally somewhat contradictory uses. Freak instrument, it occasionally happens. Keep in touch, great work and great seeing you.

Note: This lute was constructed by Robert Cooper and bears a label dated 1990. The top had sustained sufficient damage over the years to dictate replacement and Robert recommended me for the job. He now refers to it as a Cooper/Kinsey hybrid. The in-progress carving on my Repair & Restoration page features the replacement for the damaged top. Carver Blanchard of NYC is the owner of this lute and is one very fine player.

To all concerned about the health and  welfare of their musical  instruments:
Scott Kinsey is a luthier of the highest order and one the few individuals in the business with whom I feel unequivocally comfortable with both my violin family instruments and fretted instruments (he is one of only a hand full of people who has ever touched my Samuel Zygmuntowicz violins). In addition to his years at the bench doing high level restoration and repairs, Scott's skill as a builder of fine lutes gives him the varied experience and unique ability to provide a full range of lutherie services, and as a professional musician, Scott can relate to players with an empathy rarely found in the lutherie profession. He has my highest recommendation. 
Jim  Wood

Jim Wood,  Five-Time Tennessee State Fiddle Champion and  multi-instrumentalist.


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