I have been privileged to serve many professional musicians and songwriters, some of whom are listed below.

Play a video containing a jam session as Scott accompanies Webb on rhythm guitar (1968 Gallagher G-70).
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Violin by Otis Tomas (played by Beekman Webb).

Tony Arata
Russ Barenberg
Roger Bellow
Norman Blake
Carver Blanchard
John Brannen
Sam Bush
John Cowan
Rob Crosby
Mike Cross
Charlie Daniels
Jennifer Drummey
Craig Duncan

Donald "Duck" Dunn
Bela Fleck
Pat Flynn
Steve Forbert
David Grier
Emmylou Harris
John Hartford
Bobby Hicks
Scott Huffman
Paul Kennerly
Alison Krauss
Keith Little

Michael Martin Murphy
Mark O'Connor
Hank Singer
Ricky Skaggs
Leland Sklar
Mike Snider
Mike Taylor
Woody Thurman
Roland White
Jack Williams
Larry Jon Wilson
Jim Wood






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